ChessRally 2 Game Types
  GAME TYPE  Gold Edition   Free Edition 
• Online Rally Rooms (Internet or LAN)
Meet new and old friends online while you chat, play, and watch in real time on our Rally Room Servers.  Each Rally Room Server is equipped with a main "lobby", and numerous tables (virtual rooms) for you to play at or just be a spectator!
YES! 21-Day Trial
• Direct Network Multi-Player Games (Internet or LAN)
Play chess "head-to-head" with friends and family, directly connecting your two computers over the Internet, or your own Local Network.  Direct Network Games feature smooth game play in real time with robust chat capabilities and more!
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• Email Games (Internet or LAN)
Play correspondence chess via your own email with anyone you know.  It's easy... and it's FREE!
• Single Player Games
Play chess against any of several challenging computer players built on the "Crafty" Artificial Intelligence Chess Engine... and guess what?...  You can chat with them too!
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• Local Multi-Player Games
Play chess with a friend or family member sharing the same computer, mouse, & keyboard.
ChessRally 2 Features
  FEATURE  Gold Edition   Free Edition 
• Anyone Can Play!!
ChessRally 2 is so remarkably easy to use, beginners will love it...  Yet, ChessRally 2 is balanced with tons of detailed features to excite any chess enthusiast.
• Computer Suggested Moves
Stuck trying to think of a good move to make?  Learning to play chess?  The Computer Suggested Moves feature allows you to ask the computer Artificial Intelligence to analyze the game, and recommend a great move.
YES! 21-Day Trial
• Time Control (Timed Games)
Keep your games fast-paced by using the Time Control feature to limit the time of your game.  Primary and Secondary tournament style Time Controls are available.
• Rated Games
Want to know if you're improving your game?  The ChessRally Ratings System is based on the USCF Ratings Formula, and will rate the games you want rated, causing your overall rating to go up or down, depending on your wins and losses.  (Note: The USCF organization is not affiliated with ChessRally or Ingenuware in any way.)
• Risk Indicator
Find out what dangers are present, and pieces you can attack with the Risk Indicator.  The Risk Indicator is an invaluable tool for catching possible mistakes before you make them.
• Experimenting Mode
Learn to control your game by anticipating your opponents next moves!  Experimenting Mode allows you to "mess around" with the board layout and test various game scenarios before you finish your turn.  It might just help you reveal what your opponent is planning!  
• Move Highlighting & Validation
While moving a piece, the board squares light up to show you what's legal and what's not.  When you receive your opponent's move, the piece(s) and the squares involved flash several times, making it easy to see what was moved, and where.
• Move History Preview
Select any move in the Move History Window to see the board position (layout of the pieces) and which piece moved, and where.  Scroll through the entire list, and watch the game unfold before your very eyes.
• Custom Board Setups
Set up the chessboard any way you like.  Rotate it, move the pieces to a specific configuration, set the half-move clock, you name it!
• Unlimited Undo
Undo any number of moves during an active game.
• Easy-To-Use New Game Wizard
Getting Started is incredibly easy with the New Game wizard.  In just three easy steps, and you're playing chess!
• Complete Context-Sensitive User's Guide
ChessRally 2 is completely documented with a robust User's Guide that covers everything from game play to using the ChessRally interface.
• All Internationally Accepted Rules Implemented
ChessRally is aware of all internationally accepted rules, including En Passant, Long and Short Castling, Check, Checkmate, Stalemate, Pawn Promotion (to any of the 4 allowed pieces, not just the Queen), Resignation, Draw Offering, Draw By Repetition, the 50 Move Draw Rule, and much more!!
• Saving & Loading Your Games
With ChessRally 2, you can save your unfinished and finished games, and re-load them later to review them or finish them.  What's truly unique about ChessRally's saved game implementation is that you can save a game in any game context (Email, Direct Network Game, Rally Rooms Game, Single Player Game), and load them back into any game context you want!  For example, you could be having a tough game against the computer... save it, then load it into a Direct Network Game later on to go over it with a friend, then save it again, and load it back into a Single Player Game!  With ChessRally, it's chess your way.
• Full Printing Capability
With ChessRally 2, you can print your games in ChessRally's own native format, complete with Pictographs of the board at each move, or you can print in PGN or FEN format, too.
• Import & Export with PGN & FEN Formats
Import and Export to and from the most common standard chess software formats, PGN (Portable Game Notation) and FEN (Forsythe-Edwards Notation).  You can import/export to and from files and/or the clipboard.
• Full Keyboard Access
Play chess with the mouse, or your keyboard.
• It's a Great Learning Tool!!
ChessRally 2 is a great learning tool for children and adults.  Chess sharpens the mind, teaching it to anticipate results in the face of an extraordinary number of variables, and to solve the problem regardless.  Also, ChessRally is perfect for educational institutions... you can set up your own Private Rally Room, and everyone in the class can participate!
• Beautifully Crafted Interface
The ChessRally 2 User Interface was elegantly designed and painstakingly perfected for your maximum enjoyment.
• Free Downloadable Themes & Personalization
With ChessRally 2, it's chess your way.  Download free Themes (Skins, Sets, & Sound Effects) for use in ChessRally, and tweak the many highly configurable options available to you, so you can get the most out of your gaming experience.
ChessRally 2 System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000. (x86 and x64 versions both supported)
  • Pentium-class processor at 200 Mhz.
  • 512 MB memory for Windows Vista & 7.
  • 256 MB memory for Windows 2000 & XP.
  • 40 MB of available Hard Disk space.
  • No graphics accelerator is required.
  • No sound card is required.
  • A 33.6kbps Internet connection (or better) is required for Internet related games.
  • 30MB of free hard disk space must be available during installation.

Highly Recommended:

  • Windows XP.  (This allows the most robust sound for this game, though Vista and 7 are supported.)
  • Intel Pentium IV or compatible processor operating at 1 Ghz (or higher).
  • 1 GB (or higher) system memory for Windows Vista & 7.
  • 512 MB (or higher) system memory for Windows 2000 & XP.
  • 50 MB (or higher) of available Hard Disk space (to allow room for downloadable themes).
  • Graphics accelerator.
  • DirectX compatible Sound card, with DirectX 8.0 installed (If you don't have DirectX installed, you will still get audio through Windows MM... it just won't be as nice, and it won't support audio mixing of sound events.)
  • 56kpbs Internet connection.  (Cable, DSL, and T1 lines are not necessary, but can provide smoother operation, particularly if the Online Rally Rooms get very busy.)

NOTE: Memory differences between different versions of Windows is due to the inherent differences between the size and features of the particular versions of Windows.  ChessRally can occupy between 12MB and 128MB of memory when run, depending on total memory available (higher amounts of memory assure smoother and faster operation).  Combining the possible memory use of ChessRally with the memory used by the particular version of Windows ( later versions of Windows use more memory) changes the requirement accordingly.

For a complete version history & known issues list, click here.

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